IT Guide for StudentsIT @ OSU - Resources for Students

ocio.osu.edu/blog/guide – An orientation to services with full-browser and mobile views. The content is stored in a WordPress site and reused between views, but isrearranged to suit the screen size.

OCIO main pageOffice of the CIO (OCIO) at Ohio State

ocio.osu.edu – A CMS-based site for OCIO services, processes, and announcements that replaced 8 other sites.

*This project received a Team "Going the Extra Mile" award from the OCIO.

OCIO blogsWordPress Announcement Blogs

ocio.osu.edu/blog/community, ocio.osu.edu/blog/team, & ocio.osu.edu/blog/newslink – A scalable, multi-contributor blogs for announcements from Ohio State's OCIO.

HTML Email templateHTML Email Templates

A trio of HTML-formatted email messages for deans, directors, and chairs at Ohio State; OCIO staff; and administrative systems users.

Teach Yourself iPhone and iPad Application DevelopmentTeach Yourself iPhone/iPad Dev Promo Blog

teachyourselfiphone.com – A site built in WordPress to promote and extend content for 2 books.

*Fun Fact: Many projects in these books use my photographs and illustrations, including a hopping bunny that demonstrates animation.

Learning Technology main pageLearning Technology Website

no longer online - A CMS-based website for eLearning systems and services. This site merged content from 7 existing sites in a unified site.

*Here's an overview of the project used during the kickoff meeting.

Flora Photographs main pageFlora Photographs

floraphotographs.com – My personal website to display photographs for use as wallpaper or ecards.

Digital Union Event RegistrationDigital Union Event Registration

registration.it.ohio-state.edu - An online registration site for workshops and events. This system, built in Drupal, replaced 2 ColdFusion systems that were no longer being maintained.

CarmenWiki main pageCarmenWiki

carmenwiki.osu.edu - A Confluence wiki installation.

Teaching Online main pageTeaching Online

no longer active – A website to educate instructors and university administrators about online teaching practices and technologies.

Technology Enhanced Learning and Research main pageTELR

no longer active – A website featuring the services, resources, and announcements of Technology Enhanced Learning and Research.

HTML email for TELR bi-annual reportTELR Report – Winter/Spring 2008

An HTML email message to TELR stakeholders.

Carmen Info main pageCarmen Info

no longer active – A website to present information concerning Ohio State's course management system.

*Here's a presentation about designing this project that I gave for students during the Research on Research program at Ohio State.

Carmen Help main pageCarmen Help for Instructors

elearning.osu.edu/carmen-help/instructors – Online help pages for Ohio State's course management system.

Carmen newslettersCarmen Newsletters

Postcards to promote Ohio State's course management system.

TELRport in Second Life main pageTELRport in Second Life

no longer active – A website to introduce TELR's Second Life pilot project and virtual island.

Clicker and Mobile Learning main pagesClickers and Mobile Learning

no longer active – Websites to provide pedagogy information about clickers and mobile learning (classroom wireless).

WebCT: Gone with the Spring main pageWebCT: Gone with the Spring

no longer active – A website to streamline transfer of teaching materials into a new course management system.

Flora Photographs main pagemyDenison Brochure

print piece – Information for students about the myDenison portal.

Denison publicationsDenison Single-Source Publications

print pieces, pdfs, html – Course catalog and handbooks for Denison faculty and staff.

Ohio Watershed Networks main pageOhio Watershed Network

ohiowatersheds.osu.edu – A website to present information about OSU Extension's watershed program.

*Received a 2005 Web Access award from Ohio State's ADA Coordinator's office.

National Job Bank main pageNational Job Bank

jobs.joe.org – An ecommerce site for posting jobs in Extension, outreach, and higher education.

Journal of Extension main pageJournal of Extension

www.joe.org – The refereed journal of the Cooperative Extension System.

OSU Extension news sectionOSU Extension News

no longer active – The news section of Ohio State University Extension's website.

Ohio NEMO main pageOhio NEMO

nemo.osu.edu – A website for educating municipal officials about water pollution.